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Jenga Blocks Game for Kids and Adults, 48 Wooden Blocks with 4 Dice (Brown, Multicolor)

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Pull out single blocks and avoid the tower from crashing down. • Laughter with Simple, solid, and timeless gameplay. • Any New player can play any time anywhere. • Helps in Developing Hand eye Co-ordination • Develops Patience and self-control • Promotes Player Friendship and emotions. • For single / more than 1 player. • You can play with your friends or challenge yourself. • It’s all fun, not a fuss. • Ages 6+ To play this classic Tower Game, Gather your friends, use your skills, add some suspense, and maybe a little luck! Designed Perfect for everyone. Very simple game yet you can experience an edge of your seat action. Pull out the block, stack it on top, and hope the tower doesn’t come crashing down in front of you. Be the life of the party, enjoy with the new Classic Tumbling tower game! How to Play 1. First arrange the tower. Start by Placing three blocks per layer, each layer in alternating direction upwards. Use the stacking sleeve if needed. 2. Using only one hand remove any block from anywhere but only under the topmost completed layer. You can touch the blocks to detect a loose one. 3. Place the removed block on top layer of the tower. Wait for about 10 seconds or till the tower stands still. a. If the tower crashes you`re OUT b. If the tower stands still, the next player plays his move. (If playing solo, try to beat your own highest tower record.) How to win It’s Simple! Be the last player to stack a block without causing the tower to crash

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